Most Popular Candle Scents By State: Pennsylvania

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This is the time of year when folks in the Keystone State are raking leaves or shoveling snow, watching their various teams with interest at Pennsylvania sports betting operators and enjoying holiday traditions.

And that yard work we mentioned is accompanied by a drop in temperatures, which makes this the perfect time of year to light a candle. Those candles give off a bit of extra warmth but they also often have a soothing scent to comfort folks stuck indoors.

With that in mind, and as Candle Day approaches on Dec. 3, wanted to know which candle scents were the most popular in each state. We used Statista data on the most popular candle scents worldwide as a starting point. Then we turned to Google Trends to determine the most searched scent in each state among seven contenders (citrus, coconut, cranberry, lavender, pumpkin, rose and vanilla). After calculating the trends over the past five years (November 2018 to November 2023), – where the best Pennsylvania online casino information can be found – determined the top three candle scents in the state.

Top Candle Scents In Pennsylvania

Scent No. 1 Scent No. 2 Scent No. 3
Pumpkin Vanilla Rose

Pumpkin Isn’t Just For Fall

At this writing, Thanksgiving has just passed, which means that the pumpkin spice craze that hits stores each autumn starts to fade away. Or does it? You know that friend you have who posts “Pumpkin spice everything” on social media every fall?

It seems there’s a good chance he or she lives in the Keystone State.

Our research indicates that pumpkin was the most popular candle scent in Pennsylvania. And the state was not alone – of the 26 states we surveyed, nine of them chose pumpkin at No. 1. And 16 other states chose the scent either second or third.

Pennsylvania went with vanilla as its second-favorite candle scent, with rose coming in third. Vanilla carried the most states in our research, winning 16 of them including neighboring New York. California was the only state that had rose at the top; the other 25 on our list had either vanilla or pumpkin.

Ohio joined its eastern neighbor in choosing pumpkin, showing that the sports rivalries that help fuel Pennsylvania sportsbook apps are not the only things that the states have in common.


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