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Pennsylvania Politics

The 2022 Pennsylvania gubernatorial election was a notable event in the state's political landscape. The race concluded with Josh Shapiro, then the 50th Pennsylvania attorney general emerging victorious over Republican Dan Mastriano. Shapiro landed 56.5% of the popular vote to Mastriano's 41.7%. The campaign was intensely fought, with key issues such as voting rights, abortion rights and raising the minimum wage dominating the discourse. Voter turnout was high, reflecting the public's engagement with the crucial matters at stake.

More well known than Shapiro, however, was former PA lieutenant governor John Fetterman, who won the Pennsylvania senatorial race over the Republican candidate, celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz, also known as "Dr. Oz." Fetterman won election to the United States Senate with 51.7% of the vote, and has spent his tenure thus far drawing attention to dealing with his own mental health issues in the public eye as he hopes to help the public at large understand more about mental health issues and stop demonizing them.

Pennsylvania Politics

Movies, TV & Entertainment in Pennsylvania

Home to stars like Will Smith, Pennsylvania is a hotbed of talent and the setting for numerous hit films and shows. Have you ever wondered who the most popular celebrities from the Keystone State are? Our squad of entertainment experts dive into Pennsylania's rich history of celebrities and other entertainers

Celebrities in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Celebs


The state boasts a dazzling array of celebrities, including Bradley Cooper.

But the biggest star in the world right now is, of course, Taylor Swift. Swift is everywhere you look right now. Her Eras Tour is the most lucrative tour in the history of music and turned Swift into a literal billionaire. And Swift sightings are everywhere due her to relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers at the Big Game in two weeks, so you can bet your bottom dollar that Swift-Kelce Mania will be in full swing.

But before Swift went out to dominate the world, she started right here in Pennsylvania. West Reading, to be exact. So though Taylor Swift belongs to the world, she. only has one true home: Right here in PA!

Food, Drinks and Travel in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's culinary scene goes beyond Philly cheesesteaks. Our team explores must-visit eateries and popular local cuisines. What are Pennsylvanians' favorite dishes and drinks? We reveal the top culinary choices across the state.

Pennsylvania's food scene is rich and varied. Our culinary experts rank the most sought-after BBQ joints in the state. And when it comes to summer cookouts, what are Pennsylvania's top choices? Expect some delicious surprises!

And for dessert lovers, we've scoped out Pennsylvania's preferred ice cream flavors. You'll be intrigued by our findings!

Pennsylvania might be famous for its craft beer, but did you know it also has a strong whiskey culture? Find out how Pennsylvania ranks among states in its love for whiskey.

Besides the iconic Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, Pennsylvania offers diverse attractions drawing visitors worldwide.

Penn Relationships & Pets

Pennsylvania might not have Virginia's slogan, but it has its own unique love stories and marriage statistics. Our data reveals surprising insights into Pennsylvanians' relationships and their love for pets.

Are you a pet lover? You're in good company in Pennsylvania. Despite its size, Pennsylvania is among the top states for pet ownership, reflecting its residents' deep affection for animals.

Trending Topics in PA

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