PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania Review

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Pennsylvania is one of 14 states where the PointsBet sportsbook is currently legal and live. but soon, PointsBet will merge with Fanatics in the state. Until the merger happens, check out our previous review of the PointsBet sportsbook below.

A Quick Glance at PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania

🏈 Available SportsAll major US and international sports
💳 Minimum Deposit$10
⌚ Payout Speed1-5 days
📲 Device CompatibilityiOS and Android devices
✔️ PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania Launch DateFebruary 2022
⭐ Licensed ByPennsylvania Gaming Control Board
📅 Last UpdatedMay 17, 2024

How to Sign Up for a PointsBet Account

You can sign up for an account in a matter of minutes. They make it easy and we'll help you get started.

  1. Click our link to get to the PointsBet PA site and click "Sign Up".
  2. Enter your name, email address, billing information and mailing address.
  3. Provide the last four digits of your social security number for identity verification purposes.
  4. Allow the geolocator to confirm you're in a jurisdiction that allows PointsBet - anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania should work fine.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and verify your information is correct.

At this point we recommend that you check out the responsible gambling tools to ensure that you remain in control of your betting.

pointsbet app

PointsBet Pennsylvania Betting Site Features

The types of features you'll find on an online sportsbook can set it apart from its competition. And how the features work for sports bettors like you can make a difference, since even gambling companies that claim to do the same things may do them differently. Here's an overview of some of the PointsBet PA features you can expect to see.

The types of features you'll find on an online sportsbook can set it apart from its competition. And how the features work for sports bettors like you can make a difference, since even gambling companies that claim to do the same things may do them differently. Here's an overview of some of the PointsBet PA features you can expect to see.


The exclusive PointsBetting system is around certain select markets, and delivers a potential to win - or lose - in a big way, since every point makes a difference. Suppose PointsBet sets Jalen Hurts' passing yardage over/under at 250 yards against the Pats. You put $2 on the over and he throws for 273. $2 times the 23 yards over 250 equals your payout of $46. Not a bad deal, right? But if he only throws, say, 240, now you're out $20. If you have the nerve for it, PointsBetting can be a serious thrill.

Live Betting

Any sportsbook app worth creating an account for has some kind of live betting function. The ability to wager on games in progress has revolutionized the industry, and the PointsBet app took the step of buying out a software provider for the express purpose of making their live betting the best in class. Whether it actually is, is a point for debate, but the live betting is a strength of PointsBet. They've also added live streaming video to select games so you can watch the results as they happen.

Cash Out Options

Cash Out is another feature common to online sportsbooks that bears mentioning. It lets you settle your bet before the contest is over, meaning you can protect winnings or cut losses if you don't like the way things are looking for your side. PointsBet's cash out also lets you choose how much you cash out, in case you want to let some of it still ride. Just know that cash out isn't available on all wagers, but if you see the "Cash Out" icon, you should be able to close it early.

Same Game Parlay and SGP Combos

The Same Game Parlay is already a great feature - letting you combine several options from a single contest. You can parlay the Pirates over the Marlins on the moneyline, plus Mitch Keller to notch over 5.5 Ks and Cutch to get at least one hit, for instance. But the SGP Combo allows you to combine a Single Game Parlay with another betting option, or a different SGP. So roll up that Pirates SGP and combine it with Bryce Harper going yard for the Phils. It's still all one bet, so all those legs need to pay off. And SGP Combos don't qualify for any points in the loyalty program.

Live Same Game Parlay

Yeah, you read that right. A Live Same Game Parlay. At the moment, it's only available for NFL and NBA games, but you can bet Same Game Parlays on contests in progress. PointsBet is the only one of the online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania that have this feature, but it's great to know what if you miss tip-off, you can still lock in an SGP on the Sixers.

PointsBet Sportsbook PA software

Software at PointsBet Pennsylvania

The software for PointsBet was upgraded in March 2021 when the company purchased software company Banach. Banach had been partnering with FanDuel, but was acquired by PointsBet to help their focus on live betting. This was a great move, since the live betting experience on PointsBet Pennsylvania rarely has any issues. For the most part, the backend software processes the way you're hoping it will.

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • ACH Transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal

Banking Options for PointsBet Pennsylvania Users

Obviously PointsBet wants access to your money, and that's why it's crucial to understand the way that the online banking options in sports betting affect you. If you're doubting anything about your money, you won't enjoy yourself. So we've dug deep on all the sports betting operators in Pennsylvania and beyond to give you the straight story.


Making a deposit is as simple as can be. Just log into your account and head to the cashier page. Select your method of deposit and follow their instructions. No matter the method you use, the minimum deposit amount is $10. The money should hit your account nearly instantly, though PayNearMe can take a few minutes.

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • ACH (Check)
  • Play+ prepaid card
  • PayNearMe
  • Online Banking

While some banks will not do business with gambling operators, the PointsBet site works with Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, PNC, Citi and more.

PointsBet app

PointsBet PA App

When you're betting through the PointsBet app, you'll quickly find that it's got all the features and strengths of the website. They look pretty similar, and frankly the website makes better use of the real estate of the screen. But the menu is pretty comprehensive and can get you to what you're seeking quickly. The search function is also helpful for navigating.

Software is quick and stableInterface is a little clunky
Promos are easy to findNo Home button on navigation bar
Jumping between sportsbook and casino a breezeCould be more customizable

Download the PointsBet Sportsbook App

Use the links on this page to go to the official PointsBet registration page and set up your account. All you need to do next is head to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for PointsBet. It'll pop up as "PointsBet SportsBook & Casino", since the casino product is also available in PA. Download it like you would any other app and you're off, the app log in details are the same as the details you used when you registered your account.

⭐️ Apple App Store Rating4.8
⭐️ Google Play Store Rating4.7

What iOS Users are Saying

🗣 "They run regional promotions that are specific to your local sports teams as well, which is a nice touch"

🗣 "their great customer support and unique betting options is what makes me consider them my favorite book"

🗣 "I wouldn’t choose this as the one to use exclusively, but they often have very generous odds on MMA props that deviate from what other books offer."

What Android Users are Saying

🗣 "Fast withdrawals, great customer service, deals, and ez to understand."

🗣 "I've used 3 or 4 different sportbooks but in my opinion this is the best."

🗣 "Lots better offers with other sportsbooks. Nothing special."

PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania Rewards Program

PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania Rewards Program

The PointsBet rewards program keeps it simple. There's no dealing with climbing through reward tiers that reset on you and no perks that are only good at hotels 2000 miles away. Betting earns you points, and the points are exchanged for bonus bets.

You earn a point for every:

  • $5 wagered on a fixed odds bet
  • $1 wagered on a parlay
  • $1 wagered on a PointsBetting wager

The exception is that a Same Game Parlay Combo wager isn't eligible to earn you any reward points. Here's what you can get for your points.

PointsBonus Bet Value

How to Sign Up for a PointsBet Sportsbook Account

PointsBet offers its new customers a streamlined and straightforward experience when registering for an account.

  1. Click the green "BET NOW" button in any of the banners on this page.
  2. When you reach the PointsBet homepage, click on the red "Sign Up Now" button.
  3. Confirm which state you are located in and provide personal details, including full name and email address.
  4. On subsequent screens, you will also have to supply other information, such as your address, and verify your age and location.
  5. Make your first deposit and start checking out your betting options.

PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania vs. Other Sportsbooks

This brand has risen rapidly through the ranks to become one of the nation's premier online sportsbooks in the states that have made PointsBet legal. PointsBet Illinois, PointsBet Michigan and PointsBet NJ are all recording outstanding results - and Pennsylvania is no exception, helped by the way this brand stacks up against its big rivals.

  • Rewards programs: PointsBet has two, which is two more than FanDuel offers its online sports betting customers. Offering both a simple day-to-day program and a VIP invite-only club is a real feather in PointsBet's cap.
  • PointsBetting: There's no getting away from the fact that PointsBetting distinguishes this brand from all its rivals, even market leaders such as FanDuel and DraftKings. The extra levels of risk - and reward - involved in this type of wagering give PointsBet an added dimension of appeal to its audience.

Pros & Cons of PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania 

✔️ Excellent range of innovative promos❌ Basic website design
✔️ Unique features such as PointsBetting❌ PointsBetting may be too risky for some
✔️ Broad choice of sports and betting options❌ Limited withdrawal methods
✔️ Outstanding user experience
✔️ Access to online casino
Types of Sports Wagering at PointsBet App

Types of Sports Wagering at PointsBet App

However you like to bet on sports, you will find what you are looking for at the PointsBet app and website. The bet types available include the following main categories of sports wagers.



The most straightforward way of placing a fixed-odds wager. All you have to do is predict who you believe will be the outright winner of a contest, and stake your money accordingly. As a result, the moneyline is one of the most prominently featured betting options at an online sportsbook.

Point spreads

One of the most popular methods of enjoying regular sports betting. Point spread bets are handicaps in which the sportsbook gives the underdog a head start so that the odds are evened up - usually -110/-110 when the "juice" is factored in. You have to decide whether or not the favorite will win by more than the handicap so that it "covers the spread."


Hugely popular with casual and regular sports bettors, a parlay dangles before your eyes the prospect of a big payout in return for a relatively minor stake. You make multiple selections and, as each wins, your winnings roll over on to the next. The catch is that if just one loses, you are left with nothing.


Within any game, there are numbers you can bet on. That could be the combined total of points, runs or goals scored by both sides in a game. The sportsbook's lines-maker suggests what that total will be and you predict whether the actual outcome will be higher or lower than that. As a result, these are also known as over/unders.

Prop bets

Prop bets, or propositions to give them their full title, are placed on outcomes within a game. They can relate to individual performances or a team's progress, such as the race to a particular number of points. Check out the coupon on a major event, and there could be literally hundreds of prop bets to make wagers on.

Futures bets

Sports bets do not have to be placed simply on upcoming games. You can look much farther down the line and place fixed-odds bets on outcomes such as the next Super Bowl, NBA Finals or World Series many months in advance. You can often find the futures bet you are looking for in the Featured section of the left-hand menu on the PointsBet website.


It's important to emphasize that PointsBet has a strong focus on fixed-odds betting on all its platforms - but at the same time, it offers the chance to try a totally new method, called PointsBetting. The size of your payout, or liability, depends on the extent to which your wager wins or loses. It's great fun, though not for the faint-hearted.


Safety & Security of PointsBet Pennsylvania Sportsbook 

Safety & Security of PointsBet Pennsylvania Sportsbook


PointsBet originated in Australia and prides itself on its user-friendly app. They came to the states in 2019, first launching in New Jersey and Colorado, and they now offer sports betting in 14 states.


Ever since PointsBet arrived in the United States from Australia, they've operated inside the law in every jurisdiction where they set up shop. They're regulated and overseen by the state governing bodies of Pennsylvania and thirteen other states, meaning you can bet with PointsBet and it's more or less as legal as buying a sixer of Yuengling or IC Light.


The backend software at PointsBet is pretty solid, and is always getting worked on. Expect to see software updates roughly twice a month on average to keep PointsBet at the cutting edge.


Keeping your personal and financial information protected is a priority as well as the a legal concern for PointsBet. Both web and app transactions are performed securely in ways similar to those used by online banks.

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

Keeping tabs on the operators like PointsBet are the fine folks at the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The board was formed in 2004 to regulate casino games and slot machines, and has since expanded to include horse racing, and now, online sports betting.

Customer Support at PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania

Customer Support at PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania

If you have an issue, PointsBet wants to help you resolve it. There's a fairly large help section that has plenty of answers to your questions. Separate from that, you'll find their live chat feature, which is great for quick resolution. You can also get in touch with a representative through the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @PointsBetHelp

Why You Can Trust the PointsBet Online Sportsbook in Pennsylvania

With PointsBet legal in several states, there is every reason to trust this operator when you are weighing your sports betting options.

  • Despite being a relatively young brand - PointsBet launched in Australia in 2017 - it has the experience of operating in many territories.
  • It conducts its business only under license from the regulatory authorities in all the states where it is live.
  • All customer transactions are protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology.
  • PointsBet has introduced further layers of protection such as dual-factor authentication and Face ID.
Verdict of PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania

Our Final Verdict of PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania

Overall, PointsBet is a solid choice for novices and hardcore gamblers alike. It does all the basics well, which is plenty to satisfy the majority of players out there. But the bells and whistles like their PointsBetting game and the live Single Game Parlay are inventive and show they're not just content to keep people happy by giving them a couple points on the spread bets.

The software can handle anything you throw at it, and even the live streaming element works well. The interface could use a refresh, since most of the other competition has more intuitive navigation. And we'd love to see them roll out some more entertaining promos. All in all, PointsBet Pennsylvania is certainly worth playing through the new bettor bonus (and maybe a low stake PointsBet wager) to see if you like it.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming at PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania

The responsible gambling page at PointsBet runs down a list of tips to keep gambling safe and entertaining. There's also a Q&A section that explains what problem gambling is and how to take control back if gambling has gotten away from you.

If you think you have a gambling problem, free resources exist for you, including the statewide self-exclusion program. Contact the Council on Problem Gambling of Pennsylvania for more information at 1-800-GAMBLER.

PointsBet Sportsbook Social Media

As you would expect from an up-and-coming brand, PointsBet makes good use of social media to get its message across to a digitally savvy generation of bettors. Its main Twitter account is extremely busy, with frequent video-led updates and promos, and has a following in six figures as a result.

You can also find Twitter feeds dedicated to certain states, including PointsBet Illinois and PointsBet Michigan, but Pennsylvania has yet to ascend to that status.

On Instagram, meanwhile, the main PointsBet USA feed is much less busy than its Twitter counterpart but still commands a healthy following with its visual output.

PointsBet Sportsbook Pennsylvania FAQ


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