Smash the Pig Slots Review - Pennsylvania

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Smash the Pig is a popular online slot machine available across several 100% legal online casinos in Pennsylvania. The simple game focuses on matching symbols and triggering pig bonus features that let you break open the curly-tailed piggy banks for multipliers, minigames, and more.

While it may be a bit short on the story (smash the piggy bank to get the goods), the easy-to-pick-up game has a fun, quirky theme complemented by solid, straightforward gameplay. And yes, the simple graphics and fun animations may seem a bit dated for some players, but others will find they have a retro, old-school charm.

Is Smash the Pig a good choice for you? Let's look at the base game, Pick a Pig Bonus, Pig Smashing Bonus feature, and other important info like return-to-player percentage (RTP) and betting options.

(Note that there are also physical versions of the game made for land-based casinos for those who'd like to experience the game in that setting.)

Smash the Pig Review Penn Stakes

🐽 How to Play Smash the Pig

You're probably very familiar with the core gameplay of Smash the Pig, as it's very similar to other retail and digital slots. Across 20 pay lines, players get varying payouts for matching playing card symbols and cartoonishly drawn money and hammer symbols. (You can access a full payout table and explanation anytime while playing.)

You can also get special Pick a Pig Bonus and Pig Smashing Bonus symbols to get multipliers, trigger a special bonus round, and win extra prizes, which we'll explain further below.

Set Your Bet Size

Smash the Pig is locked at 20 fixed paylines, but real-money players can bet as little or as much as they'd like per spin. Low-stakes players and high rollers alike can vary their bets as they see fit, and there should be a total bet per spin available for all different types of gamblers, no matter their risk tolerance.

Give it a Spin & Watch for Winning Combos

Once you're comfortable with your total bet, it's time to give it a spin! Like many other slots, you can match the symbols mentioned above from left to right, diagonally, and across any other fairly standard 20 pay lines. Get three or more A, K, Q, or J symbols to score more modest wins, or line up the money or hammer symbols for even bigger prizes. But most importantly, look for the special pig-themed symbols that...

Trigger Bonus Features & Bonus Rounds (How the Pig Symbols Work)

Where the game's piggy bank theme comes into play is with the pig-themed bonus symbols. A single pig with a dollar sign on the side is the Pick a Pig Bonus – getting three to five pigs presents you with three piggy banks, and you get to smash open one to reveal a multiplier worth 1X-20X your original bet.

Three pigs with the word "Bonus" written below them is the Pig Smashing Bonus symbol, and getting three of these triggers a minigame where you break open piggy banks one after the other to reveal bonuses and prizes. You keep breaking piggy banks until your luck meter runs out or there are no remaining pigs...if you manage to get that luck!

🐽 Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

The main reason to chip in at any online slot machine is for entertainment and fun. But that shouldn't stop you from stretching your gaming budget by looking for games where a high percentage of the money bet on the game is returned to players through winning spins, multipliers, and in-game bonuses. We call this Return-to-Player (RTP) percentage in the online casino world.

For Smash the Pig, the RTP percentage is 94.16%. That means that out of every $10 bet on the machine, about $9.42 will be returned to players as winnings. This is a modest number compared to the highest-paying online slots, but certain games also pay lower percentages.e

🐽 Why RTP Matters

So why should you pay attention to something like RTP? Even if you're playing real money slot machines in a very occasional, recreational way, understanding RTP can help you make your gambling budget last you more fun and entertainment for your dollar. And who doesn't want that?

✅ It Helps You Make Informed Decisions

Now that you know the basics about RTP, it shouldn't surprise you that games with high RTP will give you a better chance of winning and preserving your bankroll over a longer period.

✅ It Gives You a Better Chance at Long-Term Profitability

Ultimately, every slot game will take in more money than it pays out, so not everyone can walk away a winner. However, the better the RTP for a machine, the more money it will pay over time, giving you a far better chance to get or stay in the black over multiple play sessions.

✅ It Lets You Know What to Expect

Whether a game has low or high volatility, the overall RTP tells you what to expect as your time with a machine increases. You may see some peaks and valleys, but in the end, you know your overall win rate should start to match up with a game's programmed RTP.

🐽 How to Increase Your Chances of Winning with Smash the Pig

If you want to maximize your chances of winning big with Smash the Pig, here are a few tips and strategies to keep in mind...

Pay Attention to Your Bet Size

Because the RTP for the machine is fixed, betting the same amount every spin will most likely leave you slightly down after a play session.

But because the wins and losses don't happen in a patterned, predictable way, you can vary your bet size to "catch" a big win when a big match or bonus hits.

Manage Your Bankroll

At the same time, betting amounts that are too large a portion of your bankroll can leave you vulnerable if you place a big bet during a "valley" for payouts. Even if you choose to vary your bets, you shouldn't have a total bet amount that could leave you down big after only a few spins.

Have Fun Smashing Pigs!

Remember to have fun with this lighthearted, pig-smashing game. If you get frustrated and play on tilt after several losing spins in Smash the Pig, you're less likely to stick around for when the game's payouts level out towards its standard RTP. If you go in with the right attitude about your gaming budget, you should be able to get some enjoyment out of the game, win or lose.


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