Aviator Betting Game: Play Aviator for Real Money

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One of the hottest online casino games in 2023, the new Aviator game, is sweeping across the gambling space. That's no surprise since it's an enjoyable gaming experience with hope for seriously large payouts. We'll break down what it is, how it works and give you tips to play the Aviator casino game and win real money.

Aviator Free Game Guide

How to Play Aviator Game Online

The Aviator Game is a fast-moving online casino game with exciting gameplay. It's easy to learn and can result in a substantial payout quickly. We have a demo version for you, too, but here are the basics.

  • Before the Lucky Plane starts up, place one or two bets. This can include an auto bet.
  • As the Lucky Plane takes off, watch the winning bet multiplier increase.
  • Hit the Cashout button when the multiplier reaches a number you want to see before the plane "flies away."
  • If you cash out in time, your winning bet pays your original wager times what the multiplier read when you cashed out.
  • If you don't cash out in time, the plane "flies away", taking your wager and any potential winnings.
  • You can set one or both bets to auto-wager, use an auto cashout feature you set ahead of time, or even autoplay for a set number of rounds.

How to "Calculate" Aviator Crash Game?

There's no way to predict how to consistently play the Aviator casino game that will help you win big. A random number generator determines when the flyaway triggers and the round ends. That's determined before the round starts. So, by the time your bet is locked in, the die is cast, so to speak. So, while there are no cards to count or numbers on the dice that come up more often, you can win over time if you know what you're doing.

Tips and Tricks to Play Aviator Game

Play the demo first - Before you put any money on the table, play the Aviator game in a demo version to understand how it all works. Trust us, you don't want to go into a "crash game" until you know what you're doing. We've got the demo for you to try below.

Don't chase losses - The Aviator crash game moves fast, and a couple of bad rounds can potentially leave you out a few hundred bucks in a hurry. But chasing losses here, like any other gambling, could just make it worse. Remember that this is real money you're playing with here, and use your head. Know when to walk away.

Be patient - As you start with the Aviator Game, you may find it useful to wager small amounts and cash out early. Of course, it's tempting to go for the big win, but the plane is much more likely to cross the 1.5x threshold than the 15x one. Winning big is a fantastic feeling, but winning a little beats losing the whole thing.

Pay attention - Sure, the in-game chat feature can be fun. But especially as you get used to the game, focus on what you're doing, and leave the auto-bet and auto-play features alone. You may miss out on a couple of free bets through a promotion. But once you've learned how the Aviator Game works, the chat and other features will enhance the game.

Know what "random" means - The Aviator game algorithm is a random number generator. You'll see the results of recent rounds on the screen, but there are no trends, nor a time when the game is "due" for a big round.

Where to Play Aviator Game Online?

Many online casinos were quick to jump on the Aviator Game sensation, so you'll find instances of the game Aviator in many places that offer casino games. Whether you want the demo version or the Aviator real money game, you'll see numerous online casino options that will want to accommodate you. We prefer and would only recommend a reliable online casino that is regulated in the state of Pennsylvania. This leads us to Betway PA, the first of the state's best online casinos to offer the Aviator Game. Remember if you're not playing Aviator at a regulated online casino, you do so at your own (considerable) risk.

Aviator Game Demo

There's no better way to understand how it works than to play the Aviator demo game. This is the same as the game you'd find at online casinos, but this version is only for fun - no money changing hands.

Play the demo by clicking here.

Aviator Game Features

  • In-Game Chat A chat window allows you to communicate with other Aviator Game players in your room. Congratulate a fellow player on a big win, talk strategy, or even claim promos for free rounds. Remember, there's no dealer to talk to, unlike live dealer games at online casinos.
  • Live Bets On the left-hand side of the Aviator game, you'll see the betting panel, which shows you in real-time a list of other players in the room and how much they've bet in the round. If they managed to cash out in time, you'll see what the multiplier they grabbed was and how big a win they locked in.
  • Live Statistics Tab over from "All Bets" to "My Bets" and see what your last 10 Aviator Game rounds looked like - What you wagered, if you cashed out in time, and what you won (if you won). You can also find the biggest winning bet and multiplier victories of the day, month, and year. And the top rail shows you the most recent multipliers when the plane flew away.
  • Rain Promo The Aviator game rain promo randomly appears in the chat and populates your chat window. Free bets appear in the chat during the rain promo. Any player can claim the free bets, so be quick on the draw when you see them.
  • Auto Play and Auto-Cash Out Once you've gotten used to how the Aviator game works, you can use Auto Play to place bets for you and the Auto Cashout feature to lock in a win without thinking about it.

Is it Possible to Hack the Aviator Plane Game?

The Aviator Game is a piece of computer software, so it can probably be hacked. That's not to say you can do it. And even if you can, you shouldn't. Security in online casinos is at a level that rivals major banks, and they don't have a sense of humor about that. Do you ever meet a pit boss who could tell a joke? Same idea.

Aviator Game App

Because you can play Aviator in several online casinos, you'll find it in those casinos' apps. This becomes a "buyer beware" situation since not every gambling app is recommended or legal in Pennsylvania. Check out other pages on our site to see the best online casino options in PA.


Aviator Game Conclusion

If you're looking for a game that moves fast and is easy to pick up and play, Aviator is worth trying. The Aviator Game can be a rewarding gaming experience and one that won't tie you down to a long game session. If you want to try it, you can check out our instance of the demo above. Once you've gotten the lay of the land, find the Aviator game in your favorite reputable online casino, and you're cleared for takeoff!

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