Where Does PA Rank Among States That Love Ice Cream?

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One of the simplest pleasures in life is ice cream. 

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, and as the weather heats up during the summer months, so will the sale of a variety of ice cream flavors throughout the country.

No matter if you prefer soft serve, birthday cake or cookie dough, everyone has a favorite. For the record, chocolate peanut butter is my preferred choice.

We took a break from Pennsylvania sports betting to take a look at . . . which state loves ice cream the most?

PennStakes.com – your source for PA sportsbook apps - used Google Trends to calculate the most ice cream-crazy states by search volume from April 21, 2022 to April 21, 2023. A points system was developed, giving up to 50 points in each search rank.

Up to 50 points were also awarded for each state's search rank among the most popular ice cream flavors by Google Trends search volume: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Here is what we found out:

Most Ice Cream Crazy States

Rank, state Overall search volume Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Total
1 New Hampshire50463245173
2 Utah 40454726158
3 Delaware38474918152
4 Connecticut47353237151
5 Maine49374220148
6 Massachusetts48412132142
T7 Maryland37283439138
T7 New Jersey43422825138
9 Michigan41362529131
10 South Carolina42251548130
11 Ohio 44401131126
12 Pennsylvania46392015120
13 Indiana35232126105
14 Illinois 392993592
15 Rhode Island451329491
16 New York361881375


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Keystone State ranks in Top 15

Pennsylvania ranked No. 12 among the top 16 states with an overall search volume of 46.

Chocolate topped the list as a favorite flavor with a point total of 39, followed by vanilla (20) and strawberry (15). The state had a pint total of 120, sixth behind No. 11 Ohio (126) and 15 points ahead of No. 13 Indiana (105).

After all, the most famous chocolate company in the world - Hershey's - is located in the state and it even has an amusement park.

Nationally, New Hampshire topped the list with 173 points with chocolate as the top choice at 46. Utah (158), Delaware (152), Connecticut (151) and Maine (148) rounded out the top five states.

Among the top 16 states, chocolate was the favorite in eight states (New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York) while vanilla (Utah, Delaware, Maine, Rhode Island) and strawberry (Maryland, South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois) tied for second with four.

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