Pennsylvania Senate Race 2024: Odds & Projections For Next PA Senator

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Pennsylvania has a rich political history that will continue to move forward with the 2024 Senate race. The Keystone State, represented by Democrat senators Bob Casey Jr. and John Fetterman, is poised to have another competitive Senate race amid a monumental presidential election year. The 2024 Pennsylvania senate race will elect only one member, who will vie for Casey Jr.โ€™s seat. The potential candidate faces stiff competition as Casey Jr. has vowed to seek reelection, which would mark the incumbentโ€™s fourth term as Senator after first assuming office in 2007.

Pennsylvania Senate Race Predictions

The 2024 Pennsylvania Senate race will include several qualified candidates, one with previous experience running for the seat. Those candidates include longtime state politician Republican David McCormick, who lost the 2022 Republican Senate primary to Dr. Mehmet Oz. McCormick is also up against a viable Democrat candidate in engineer Blaine Forkner.

David McCormick

McCormick has emerged as a likely candidate to secure the Pennsylvania Senate seat due to his familiarity with state voters. The former Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs previously sought a Senate seat but was unsuccessful. McCormick can win in 2024 due to a candidate pool with less political expertise. McCormick has also been endorsed by Pennsylvania Republican committee members, giving him an edge over other candidates.

Bob Casey Jr.

Casey is seeking a fourth term as Senator in a key battleground state. In April, the 63-year-old declared his intention to seek reelection as a leading Democratic candidate. Casey has emerged as a favorite due to his status as the seat incumbent and his previous success in passing Democratic-friendly legislation. Casey is also the longest-serving Democratic Senator in Pennsylvania state history.

Blaine Forkner

Pennsylvania Senate hopefuls will have to compete with Forkner, who declared his intention to run for the seat in September. The Pittsburgh resident has little political experience compared to his competitors but could garner the support of Pennsylvania voters looking for a change of pace. Forkner has emerged as a promising candidate for Pennsylvanians due to his vow to lower higher education costs and promote universal healthcare.

Pennsylvania Senate Odds and Predictions

No U.S. sportsbooks have provided betting odds to customers for the Pennsylvania senate race in 2024. Betting operators outside America that offer political betting, including bet365 and Ladbrokes, have yet to release odds for the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Is Pennsylvania Political Betting Legal?

Bettors outside of the U.S. can wager on politics, while those across America cannot legally bet on the market due to prohibited political wagering. As a result, Pennsylvania political betting is barred within the state and across jurisdictions in the U.S. that have authorized wagering.

Can You Bet on the Pennsylvania Senate Race?

Bettors looking to place a wager on the Pennsylvania Senate race in the U.S. are unable to do so as political betting is illegal in America. There are no betting markets for the race at legal U.S. sportsbooks.

Pennsylvania Senate Race 2024 Timeline

  • ๐Ÿ“† April 10, 2023: Democratic Senator Bob Casey announces his intention to seek a fourth term.
  • ๐Ÿ“† September 21, 2023: Repbulican Dave McCormick gives his official announcement that he will once again run for Senate in 2024.
  • ๐Ÿ“† September 22, 2023: Democratic candidate Blaine Forkner also declares his intention to run for Pennsylvania's Senate seat.
  • ๐Ÿ“† April 23, 2024: Primary elections take place throughout Pennsylvania.
  • ๐Ÿ“† November 5, 2024: The general election for the Pennsylvania Senate seat is held.
  • ๐Ÿ“† January 2025: The winner of the general election for the Pennsylvania Senate seat assumes office.

Whatโ€™s Next for the Pennsylvania Senate Race?

The Pennsylvania Senate race will continue to heat up heading into 2024. As the election process moves forward, potential candidates have the opportunity to put themselves into consideration or remove themselves from the race ahead of the primaries in April 2024. Expect a Senate hopeful to emerge as a leading candidate amid campaigning.

NOTE: It's worth noting that while you might not be able to use Pennsylvania sportsbook promos to bet on the latest political odds, sometimes operators will feature blog posts on the latest odds for entertainment purposes and conversation. 

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