America's Most Attractive Accents

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When it comes to dating, your accent can be a huge factor in how others perceive you; the general consensus is that your accent even can alter your ranking on the scale of attractiveness.

So, with this in mind, took a break from PA sports betting and set out to rank the U.S. accents that are deemed to be the most attractive. From the easy-going cadence of California to the unapologetic Bostonian twang, a wide range of accents have made their way onto our list.

To rank the accents, the team conducted social listening research through the platform By analyzing the top 50 most common accents, the platform highlighted every mention of a specific accent over the past year. Then, by breaking down how many of these mentions contained keywords such as “attractive,” “sexy” and many more (see methodology for the full list), a list was calibrated to reveal the most attractive accents.

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1. Southern Accent

Unsurprisingly, up first is the easily recognizable Southern accent, which received a score of 76,940. Being first on our list, many clearly find it hard to resist the Southern drawl.

People with a Southern accent are usually perceived as hospitable, charismatic and charming, so it’s not shocking that it steals the top spot. Warm Southern accents are also known to exude trustworthiness – so, if you’re looking for dependability in your dating life, this might be one of your favorites.

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2. New York Accent

Up second is the unmistakable New York accent, which features a traditional dropping of the ‘R’ sound before a vowel.

The New York accent, which received 70,460 mentions, has been made famous by being featured in countless movies and TV shows. So, there’s little surprise that it ranks so strongly. The New York accent screams self-confidence and is believed to have evolved over the years of shouting over the city’s hustle and bustle. According to our research, people seem to be drawn to its gritty allure and urban robustness. 

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3. Californian Accent

The characteristically laid-back Californian inflection is worlds away from the New York accent. Many are intrigued by the distinctly drawn-out vowels, and the accent epitomizes the carefree West Coast spirit. Often associated with surfing and sunny days, it’s no wonder people gravitate towards the easy-going Californian voice. It has a whopping 45,360 online mentions, and it steals the third spot on our list. 

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4. Texan Accent

The folksy Texan accent is next, with 42,330 mentions online. Those with a heavy Texan twang characteristically drop their ‘G’s’, and the accent is often considered a Southern accent with a twist. The melodic Texan drawl is arguably one of the most distinctive, well-known U.S. accents, with its popularization through various Western movies, perhaps explaining its high positioning. 

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5. Boston Accent

In fifth place is the Boston accent, which has 34,110 mentions online. The Boston accent shares traits with the New York accent, and similarly exudes authenticity and grit. The Bostonian accent also reflects fast-paced city life, and people often combine words and drop consonants as they speak. Those with a Boston accent similarly show assertiveness. If you are fan of confidence, you might be an admirer of the Boston twang.

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How About the Pennsylvanian Accent?

Although it’s not in the top five, we had to mention the allure of Pennsylvania’s various accents. The general Pennsylvanian accent has 13,530 mentions. The Philadelphia inflection has 10,710 mentions - and the classic Pittsburgh intonation has 4,100. Like New York accents, those from Philadelphia have raised pronunciation, whereas people from Pittsburgh have broader accents. There’s also the Pennsylvania Dutch accent, which has 650 online mentions. 

So, there we have it: The accents in America that are considered to be the most attractive. 

From the welcoming drawl of the South to the laid-back enunciation of California, the U.S. boasts a mosaic of vibrant and varied voices. According to our research, there’s charm to be found in all these accents, so which one is your favorite? will dabble in cultural topics such as this when it isn’t focusing on sports betting and online PA casinos.


To find out which accents are the most attractive across the U.S., the team at conducted social listening research through the platform Brandwatch

Analyzing the top 50 most common accents, the platform highlighted every mention of each accent online over the past year, breaking down how many of these posts were praising the accent in some way. Any online post mentioning the accent alongside words such as attractive, sexy, charming and many more, were counted to create the final figure. The higher the figure, the more attractive the accent.

Keywords used: ("sexiest" OR "charming" OR "attractive" OR "sexy" OR "hot" OR "erotic" OR "naughty" OR "provocative” OR "seductive" OR "sensual" OR "sensuous" OR "suggestive" OR "titillating").

This data was collected between February 2023 – February 2024.


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